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Subject: Falcon Eyes-Episode Two: EnvyEpisode Two: Envy There are some changes to the story. The character of Nick
has been changed into Luke. I apologize for any confusion. Envy. That is one of the seven deadliest sins. When we feel
envious towards others we feel a hatred we never had. Sometimes these feelings
can boil over into something much more worse than the situation at hand. Aaron couldn't explain what he was feeling as he stood
waiting for me to come out of the locker room. He didn't know what it was because he
had never felt this emotion. His thoughts were interrupted when boy lolitas cp top
Coach Turner
walked out of his office."Aaron, we need to talk for a second," Coach Turner said to Aaron. Aaron felt
"Okay," he said nervously. The coach sighed and looked into Aaron's eyes"I was disappointed today with your performance," Coach said. Aaron couldn't
blame the Coach as lolita sex child sites he wasn't to thrilled with his performance either. "Yeah, I don't know what was up today," he said slightly embarrassed at
his performance."I was really shocked because Coach White gave me such a good review on you,"
Turner said."That's surprising," Aaron thought to himself. Coach White was the last
person he would expect a good word from. Especially, as he called him a sorry
excuse for a coach. I walked out the locker room and noticed the two standing
there."Oh, my mistake," I said hoping I wasn't interrupting anything. "I hope I
wasn't intruding.""No, you're fine," Coach said with a smile. I glanced at Aaron who was
looking down at the floor. "You did a great job today, Dane.""Thank loli porn cp toplist you," I said surprised that the coach was complementing me. "I really
don't play basketball I was trying out with Aaron, here.""Well, he wasn't on top of his game today," Coach said flashing a stern
glance at Aaron."I hope it doesn't hurt his chances," I said with a laugh. Neither laughed
but Coach gave me a warm smile."I wouldn't worry too much about him," he said. "You on the other hand I
think will diversify the team.""Thank you," I said really surprised at how much he was complementing me. I
didn't think I did anything special but a compliment was a complement. Who was
I to complain."Postings will be up tomorrow during lunch," He said as he walked off. "Good
luck.""That was really weird," I said to Aaron as we began to start walking. "What
were you two talking about?""It was nothing," he said and I didn't push the question anymore than I did
because my friend looked as if something would make him snap and I didn't want
him snapping on me.
"Nicole, what time is lolita top child bbs
it?" Anthony asked her. He laid naked in his bed with
Nic after a pretty boring fuckfest. She was so interested in riding him she hadn
't lolita sex child sites noticed he wasn't all there. His mind was elsewhere....."It's nine thirty," She said jumping up. "Crap. My parents are gonna kill me
for not calling.""Nic, can I ask you a question?" Anthony asked her as he stood up to get
dressed."If loli porn cp toplist you must," she said irritably reapplying her lip-gloss. Anthony sat back
down on the bed."What do you think of that Dane guy?" He asked her. Nicole sighed and turned
around from the mirror."Dane seems cool, Anthony," She said sitting beside him. "I mean I can't say
I hate the guy seeing how today was my first time meeting him. Why are you so
worried about Dane anyway?"Anthony felt trapped. He had to come up with something. "It's just that Mikey
seems to like him a lot and I am afraid Dane will replace me," he lied.
Nicole started laughing."You think he will replace you?" She asked him amused. "Ant, you are the king
f Falcon and I am well...The queen. I do not think you have to worry about a
nobody like Dane replacing you."Anthony just began to get lost in his thoughts more under age lolita art as she started talking
about America's next top nude lolitas in panties model
*************************************************************Julieanne and Mikey stood in the Student lounge hoping to get some quality
time together to talk."No way," Julieanne said laughing. "I can't believe you are afraid of
spiders, Mikey.""Yeah,, that eight legs shit really aint helping my situation much, is it?"
He asked her and they burst into laughs."What are you lovebirds talking about?" Anthony asked sitting down around the
couch area."My irrational fear of spiders," Mikey said glancing at Julieanne. Anthony
looked at them both."You row really need to fuck and get it over with," he teased them. Julieanne
rolled her eyes."Where's Nicole?" She asked him."I think she is talking to her friends," he said waving his hand. A waiter
walked over. "Yeah, I would like a coke and some nachos. The server nodded and
headed back to the kitchen."Hey, Come on," Aaron said as he and I stood at the door. Mikey, Anthony, and
Jules followed after us we headed to the cafeteria."Whoa, this is it, boys," Julieanne said as the five of us looked at the
paper."What the fuck?" Aaron asked angrily. I had made the starting lineup while he
made Junior Varsity."Shit, how did you make Junior Varsity?" Mikey asked as Anthony was in
shock. "I mean you didn't even try out for it.""No shit, Mikey," he said angrily. "I was there when you tried out and made
starting lineup.""Aaron, don't be so mean," Julieanne said in her motherly tone. "It's not
that big of deal."Oh fuck," Anthony said as Julieanne made a mistake and said the wrong thing.
"Not that big a deal, Jules?" He asked her loudly attracting some unwanted
attention. "I shouldn't expect someone as dense as you to get it.""Aaron, you're mad at me," I said hoping to take the heat instead of Jules
who looked as if she was going to cry. " Don't take it out on her.""Dane, you're wrong there," he said looking at me. His usual sexy blue eyes
had a gray tinged to them. I knew he wasn't just mad. Anytime his eyes changed
colors, he was generally pissed. "I am feeling something on a whole different
level. What the hell is going on, Dane? I mean can we go back to where I was
the popular jock who was good at everything and you were the casual nobody I
hung out with because you were so pathetic?""No, you're the one who is pathetic," I said to him. My anger was rising by
the minute. "The only reason you are freaking out is because your father will
be all over you because you sucked at tryouts. You're pathetic because you can'
t stand up to your father.""At least I have a father," he said to me. My eyes went blood red as I
pounced on him. I punched him three times until I got what I wanted. Blood. I stood
up and spit on him. Aaron knew he crossed the line at what he said. I stormed
off."You are really an asshole," Julieanne said as she and Mikey helped Aaron up."Let's clean him up," Mikey said to Jules. Aaron looked at Anthony who
nodded."I'll find him," Anthony said heading in the direction of where I stormed off
*************************************************************I sat in the entrance to the woods behind the school. I wanted to cry. Not
because of what Aaron had said but because I used my anger to hurt him. It
seemed like I was a lot more volatile since my dad...."Are you Ok?" a voice asked from behind me. I turned to see a my favorite guy
in the whole world. I immediately felt a lot happier."Yeah," I said flashing him a smile.
"Is there room on this log for me?" He asked me making me laugh."Sure," I said scooting over some. He sat down beside me and opened his mouth
to ask me a question but I interrupted. "I don't wanna talk about my dad.""I wasn't going to ask you about that," he said. "I was going to ask
you...What is your favorite show?""My favorite show?" I asked him amused."Yeah," he said laughing at his dumb question. "I have never met a black guy
with the last name Martinez so I want to get to know more about Dane
Martinez.""Well.. I like The Simpsons and South Park a lot," I said thinking about it a
little bit."Yeah, they make me laugh," he said. "My little brother reminds me of Bart
and I like Cartman."I looked at him curiously. "So, Anthony, what is your favorite show? I asked
him. He blushed."Desperate Housewives," he said softly. "But you can't say anything to Mikey
or Aaron because they'd ride me forever."I laughed at him. "Don't worry," I said. "I like those housewives too. "I'd
so date Eva Longoria if I...." I stopped suddenly."If you what ?" he asked curiously. The bell rung."If I was into shorter women," I said quickly. "We better hurry or we'll be
late for class." I got up and started walking. Anthony trailed along and looked
curiously at me.
*************************************************************I stood at my locker and grabbed what I needed for that night. I shut the
door and jumped as I saw Aaron standing there."What do you want?" I asked rather harshly. I began to walk down the hallway."Dane, man, I am so sorry," he said following after me. "I shouldn't have
said what I said.""No, you shouldn't have," I said walking to... I really had no idea where I
was walking to."You have to listen to me," He said spinning me around. "Dane, you are like
my brother and I would never try to hurt you. You know how my dad is.""So you take your anger out on the guy who is like a brother to you?" I asked
him. "Is that what you are saying, bro?""No, of course not," he said looking down at his shoes. "I shouldn't have
threw your father in your face. But I will do anything to get your forgiveness.""Anything?" I asked him mischievously."Yeah," he said uncertain at what I had planned."Then get on your knees and beg," I said to him."Dane," he said."Beg," I repeated to him. He looked at me but then got on his knees."Please, Please, forgive me, Dane," he said hopefully. I laughed at him."Get up," I said pulling him up. "I should've made you kiss my feet.""Are you still mad?" he asked me."Yeah, but you didn't mean it," I said as we started walking."I can't believe you punched me three times," he said shocked. I just smiled.
"But congratulations for making the team. JV can't be too bad.""Thanks," I said appreciative. We walked to Ms. Clarke's room for my
detention."To show how sorry I am I will pick you up after detention," he said. "Plus
Nicole nude lolita free pictures
and Mary have this dare night thing planned for tonight.""Cool," I said with a smile. "Thanks man." We did our handshake and he walked
on."Aw, how cute," Luke said coming up from behind me. I turned around. "You two
really are best friends." I shook my head."We have an hour together," I said to him. "We should at least try to get
along to make it go by easier.""You have a point," he said as we walked inside. "But it doesn't mean I like
you.""Fine by me," I said with a sly smile. Me and Aaron were talking. Anthony and
I talked and I made the basketball team. Popularity here I come.....
*************************************************************I hope you liked this chapter. Lemme know what you think. The next chapter
is called "Dare you to move" where the gang and a few others wreak havoc in the
town of Harmony.
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